mainly just measuring, mitring, re measuring and re mitring the seat stays. I also put in the internal routing for the brake and the gear cable. The seat stays are taking so much longer than normal because there’s quite a bit going on, i’ve had to make sure that the point where the rack connects to the frame leaves enough room for the arms of a V brake and also to make sure that where the gear cable leaves the right hand stay isn’t scuppered by the vertical strut of the rack. Rented a tube bender and spent all night drawing and laying things out on the kitchen floor. its agonisingly close now!

also been working out where to get this thing painted, Bob Jackson quoted me a month and i know they will do a decent job - but, a month! found a few other places but the seems to be car body shops and the like and im not to sure how it will come out. Got head badges sorted as well, satin finish stainless steel, they should be done on friday apparently!