Didn’t get the gear cable done, but i did do one of the triple triangle seat stays which was good fun. a bit un nerving filing into the side of the seat stay but its a good tight mitre now (tighter than the picture!) which is nice….

The fork is done as well, once again went smoother than i was expecting. i thought dynamo routing might skew it a bit but it was fine. The last picture shows the dynamo routing through the fork crown and into the steerer tube. That was pretty difficult because of the difference in tube thickness, but i remembered i had some solder with a lower melting point so that did the trick.

i wont show you the fork in the jig because i’ve put up loads of them. i’m sure you know the deal. but i’ll get a picture of the finished fork when its all cleaned up. 

also, someone find me a new word to use other than ‘but’ - thanks