I think it’s done! all the last little bits are filed and sanded and the head badge is on and polished.

i decided to leave the rack out in the end, partly because i didnt like how it looked but mainly i realised that i wouldnt actually use the rack, it was more just an interesting place for the light. so instead i have incorporated it into a sort of extended seat stay bridge. unfortunately it now won’t work with the dynamo as it’s too late to move the cable routing.

very happy with this at the moment. just got to get it off to the painters.

the frame  is done! all the bridges and bosses are on and tidied, now it really is just the rack. my challenge today was drilling 4 holes at exactly marked spots on the bottom rung of the rack. 10mm holes into a 12mm tube, with a hand drill, without a jig. that was pretty nerve racking as its too late to order any more. drill ran out of power before i could finish.

the frame and forks are done! i brazed on the seat stays and put theV brake mounts on yesterday and left it to soak over night, which made it nice and easy to brush the flux off with the brush today. i spent most of today filing and cleaning the seat tube cluster, making sure it all looks smooth and organic. I’m glad i did the triple triangle, it’s helped the internal cabling in places and i might do it again for certain projects and if you ask nicely enough With. Your. Wallet!

also put in the seat and chain stay bridges, cleaned up the drop out junction and put a few bottle cage mount bits on the fork so that i can attach a front rack when i get round to making one.

Tomorrow, the rack, a final file and polish and on with the first head badge.

Head badges fresh from the laser cutters!

Head badges fresh from the laser cutters!

mainly just measuring, mitring, re measuring and re mitring the seat stays. I also put in the internal routing for the brake and the gear cable. The seat stays are taking so much longer than normal because there’s quite a bit going on, i’ve had to make sure that the point where the rack connects to the frame leaves enough room for the arms of a V brake and also to make sure that where the gear cable leaves the right hand stay isn’t scuppered by the vertical strut of the rack. Rented a tube bender and spent all night drawing and laying things out on the kitchen floor. its agonisingly close now!

also been working out where to get this thing painted, Bob Jackson quoted me a month and i know they will do a decent job - but, a month! found a few other places but the seems to be car body shops and the like and im not to sure how it will come out. Got head badges sorted as well, satin finish stainless steel, they should be done on friday apparently!

The chain stays are on and hard part has started. The seat stays are mitred but before they go on i need to draft out the rack and work out where the cable routing is going to go. Mitreing the seat stays was tricky, doing the first one was quite fun, but making sure the second one was exactly the same involved countless tooing and froing to check i hadnt over cut it. all done now though and its just the gear cable routing left on the main triangle to do and then it all just depends on the rack.

Didn’t get the gear cable done, but i did do one of the triple triangle seat stays which was good fun. a bit un nerving filing into the side of the seat stay but its a good tight mitre now (tighter than the picture!) which is nice….

The fork is done as well, once again went smoother than i was expecting. i thought dynamo routing might skew it a bit but it was fine. The last picture shows the dynamo routing through the fork crown and into the steerer tube. That was pretty difficult because of the difference in tube thickness, but i remembered i had some solder with a lower melting point so that did the trick.

i wont show you the fork in the jig because i’ve put up loads of them. i’m sure you know the deal. but i’ll get a picture of the finished fork when its all cleaned up. 

also, someone find me a new word to use other than ‘but’ - thanks

front triangle done, got the cable routing set in place. Tomorrow it’ll be gear cable routing, pressing on with the fork and whitbys seat stays. Keep eyes peeled!

It begins, after much eyeing and dry assemblies i finally gritted my teeth and have started with the torch. The junction went together more easily than i expected, but i may have just spent to much time freaking myself out about it. either way it’s only going to get trickier and i’m looking forward to it!

Soooo….. Whitby’s bike is on the home stretch, just the seat stays, braze ons and final clean. Whits wants a bike for life thats going to be nice and practical, but at the same time clean lines that aren’t interrupted by mudguard and rack mount bits. To get round this I’ve had to just tuck them on the inside of the fork legs and seat stays. ——- you’ve got till early Jan to settle on a paint job mate!

I’ve also started work on the Stroopwaffel Mk2, because of the really long internal routing for the dynamo and light i’m having to sort of dry assemble bits of the bike to better see how it will work. The little tube will run form the head tube, through the top tube then into the seat stay and then into the upper portion of the rack. it’s and exciting challenge!

excuse the fuzzy photos, its damn cold in there and the camera won’t focus with my shivering - waaaaa!

plugging along slowly…

Today I are mostly been… grinding lugs. Nothing particularly exciting to take pictures of, but the parts have turned up for the stroopwaffel mk2 and the internal cable routing is going to have to be built into the frame as the main triangle goes together as opposed to once the bike is finished. 

Whitbys’ road bike is coming along as well, just got to build the fork before setting the bottom bracket height and then its on the final stretch. cleaning, tidying, fitting braze ons etcccccccc.

just the one picture for you today im afraid, and its nout special…..  got the front triangle together the other day, but unfortunately didnt have time to clean it all up. soon come. starting to get a bit wrapped up in the next bike, i think its going to be very fiddley!

just the one picture for you today im afraid, and its nout special…..  got the front triangle together the other day, but unfortunately didnt have time to clean it all up. soon come. 

starting to get a bit wrapped up in the next bike, i think its going to be very fiddley!

So, it’s been a bit of a while again, but i’ve started Whitbys bike. As per usual it feels good to get back into the swing of things. Theres a bit of solder spillage where it has over flowed onto the lug, but i am confident that there is enough solder in the join and even though it looks a bit messy, the lug shorelines are good and crisp. Joe Mayers came down and took a few wicked flicks which i think might turn up in the next Dilate Magazine. 

you can see more about both - have peep!

Joe Mayers - http://josephmayers.tumblr.com/

Dilate Magazine - http://www.dilateinc.co.uk/

Next step is getting the top tube cut and mitred to the seat tube, then the front triangle can go together and it all starts to look a little more bike shaped. Come back and have another look towards the end of the week!

Today was a good day…. ordered bits for the rack for the stroopwaffel and some new heavydutysharpnshiny drill bits. im far more excited than i should be about these, it is just metal and drill bits…. then the sun was shining so i went for a ride over to Ilkley, found a really nice route that took me up over the moore then a long windy decent into town, complete with 30 +mph bunny hop over a cattle grid. if nothing else did, that certainly got the adrenalin flowing! almost forgot just how fun the roadie is to ride, eats up hills like nothing and then flies down the other side super steady. then tea and a little cuddle with ledge in front of the tele. bob on cho!